#57: Reports from the G20 in Hamburg


First-person accounts of what happened, from the comrades who were there.

Listen to the Episode — 34 min


Welcome back to the Ex-Worker! Our topic this time is a look at the recent G20 protests in Hamburg, Germany. This summer’s G20 saw some of the most pitched clashes to occur in Northern Europe in years. Despite bringing the full force of one of the world’s most powerful governments to bear against the population, the authorities were unable to repress the courageous revolt of the people of Hamburg and the opponents of the G20. Tune in for first-person accounts of what happened on the ground, from the comrades who were there. {September 8, 2017}

Notes and Links

  • You can read our full report on the G20 protests, Don’t Try to Break Us—We’ll Explode, complete with extensive video footage, citations, hyperlinks, further reading, and additional maps and photographs. The text of the report is available as a zine you can print and distribute where you live. You can also print out our poster celebrating the G20 resistance, “Everyone dreams of a better world—our crime is making it a reality.”