International Solidarity with the Minneapolis Uprising


Demonstrations, Graffiti, Hacking, and Riots on Six Continents


Outraged by the police murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and others, tens of thousands of people around the world have taken to the streets over the past few days to express solidarity with the subsequent uprisings in Minneapolis and elsewhere around the United States. The majority of these demonstrations have been organized by grassroots groups with anti-authoritarian politics in keeping with the ungovernable spirit of the revolt itself. From Liberia and Syria to Japan and Brazil, these efforts show that those who want to abolish the police and root out white supremacy are not alone—we are part of a worldwide movement that is gaining momentum even as the institutions of the state become more violent and oppressive.

Our comrades in Germany, Black Mosquito, have published a print version of our solidarity poster and stickers, which they are selling to raise funds for arrestees in the United States. We encourage readers to donate to the various legal support funds serving demonstrators in different parts of the country and to take an interest in the struggles against police that are taking place in different parts of the world. Here follows the closest thing there is to a comprehensive list of global solidarity actions thus far.

This list will be updated irregularly. So far, it includes solidarity efforts in:

Aotearoa (New Zealand)

On the afternoon of June 1, tens of thousands of demonstrators marched in solidarity with George Floyd in Auckland and demonstrated in at least three other cities.


During a solidarity rally in Buenos Aires, a crowd gathered in the center of the city and marched to the US Chamber of Commerce, carrying signs reading “ Justice for George Floyd “ and shouting slogans against Donald Trump.


A small group of demonstrators protested in front of the United States Embassy in Armenia on June 4 under the banner “Armenians for Black Lives.”



Prisoners in revolt showing solidarity

Melbourne / Narrm

A solidarity photo with graffiti:

Sydney / Warang

A solidarity photo with a banner drop:



There is a #BlackLivesMatter in Vienna solidarity demonstration announced for June 4:

“Racism and police violence towards People Of Color, especially Black People Of Color, are not isolated cases; we are confronted with them every day. The murders of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery have brought to our attention again in recent days how racist and inhumane the police are. Not only in the USA, but also in Austria and other European countries. We cannot leave these murders uncommented. In Austria, we think of the violence against Marcus Omofuma, who was killed by Austrian police officers who sealed his mouth and nose on a flight from Vienna to Sofia, thereby suffocating him…”

About 50.000 took part in this demo:

The following day, on June 6, there where again thousands on the streets:


In Belgium, the Berlin graffiti crew 1UP painted an entire train car with a mural reading “Please, I can’t breathe” in protest against the murder of George Floyd. A petition to the train company not to erase the mural drew thousands of signatures.

Creativ protest against the colonial history of Belgium in solidarity with the movement in the US:


Clashes erupt after a demonstration on June 7:


On May 31, in São Paulo and many other cities, participants in anti-fascist football clubs joined others in massive demonstrations against Brazil’s openly fascist president, Jair Bolsonaro. Many framed the mobilization in anti-racist terms. The Black Lives Matter movement has been an important reference point in Brazil, where as many as 49,000 Black people are murdered every year; police in Rio de Janeiro alone killed over 1800 people in 2019, the majority of them young Black men.

Meanwhile, artwork circulates memorializing George Floyd alongside João Pedro, a Black Brazilian teenager murdered by the police:

“Fire to the racists.” Brazilian artwork referencing the fires set in Minneapolis.

A demonstration in Rio de Janeiro:

A demonstration in Curitiba on June 1st marching against fascism, police violence and solidarity with Black Lives Matter movement:

Clashes and riots after another racist murder by the cops in São Paulo – protests use the hashtag #JusticaPorGuilherme:


Anti-racist rally in Sofia on June 6:


Halifax, Canada

On June 1, a massive unpermitted block party entitled “No Justice No Peace—Abolish Police” took place:

“Thousands of people took to the streets of Halifax Canada for the second time in three days last night as we shut down one of the busiest intersections in the city for hours with a Reclaim-the-Streets-style blocko. The DJ had the dance floor jumping, the chanting and messaging was directed towards abolishing the police, and fireworks were set off throughout the night. No arrests—and we left on our own terms after several hours of defiant celebration of the anti-police rebellions sweeping the US.

“A chant to share: ‘ACAB—let’s keep fighting ’til we’re free.’”




More than 20,000 people gathered in Montréal on May 31 as part of the Justice for George Floyd demonstration organized by several anti-racist collectives including Justice for Victims of Police Killings, Hoodstock, and Tout le hood en parle. The demonstration was called to denounce the murder of George Floyd, but also the police murders that have taken place in Montréal, including the killings of Anthony Griffin, Bony Jean-Pierre, Pierre Coriolan, and Nicholas Gibbs.

After several hours walking through the city, the Montreal police service (SPVM) blocked the crowd at the corners of Saint-Urbain and Montigny streets, preventing it from heading to the police headquarters. At this point, the SPVM tear-gassed the demonstration and charged, triggering widespread chaos. Burning barricades appeared simultaneously on multiple streets as the demonstration split up into several groups ranging from a few dozen to several hundred people, completely paralyzing the city center. Demonstrators responded to the flash-bang grenades with projectiles. Some looting took place, as well.

“From the moment when the racist police of the SVPM divided us by throwing tear gas, we departed in many different directions. It was really a bad move on their part. About 20 minutes later I found myself with around sixty people. That was nice to see. It is rare in demonstrations in Montréal that whites are in the minority. And with the violence of the police things escalated quickly. People threw rocks and smashed the windows of banks and luxury stores with iron bars found in a building site. I think the message was very clear: as soon as the police kill someone, anywhere in North America, it will blow up everywhere.”

“…We also didn’t see them running for their lives frightened by the cops. People walked into the store, walked out with lots of stuff, and wandered the quiet streets. It was a little state of emergency in which it had become commonplace to do that. What is interesting is to see that looting is not just a direct way to redistribute wealth, it is also a time when we cancel the value of the goods. It opens up a fundamental debate on private property. We do not come to break or steal what does not belong to us—on the contrary, we paradoxically show that it is ours, and that we are going to do with it what we want. We were robbed of this world by force, and it is by force that we will take it back.”

Full report here. A follow-up demonstration is planned for Sunday, June 7.



“On May 30, a few days after Regis Korchinski-Paquet was killed by Toronto police, a demo brought thousands of people together in Christie Pitts to challenge police violence and anti-black racism. Over the same period in the US, combative demos occurred every night in many cities in response to a police killing in Minneapolis, pushing back the police and burning their stuff, as well as attacking businesses, part of the capitalist system that has brutalized and exploited black people since its beginnings…”

Elsewhere in Canada, solidarity demonstrations took place in Toronto and Vancouver.


We have published a solidarity statement from anarchist participants of the “first line” of the protests in Chile expressing support for the uprising that started in Minneapolis.


A rally in front of the US embassy in Bogota took place on June 3 – a foto report

Costa Rica

A solidarity punk song:


Banner drop:

Protest in Zagreb in June:

Czech Republic

A demonstration on June 6 in Prague – a foto report:



A demo on June 3


On May 31, 2000 people gathered at the US Embassy, then took the streets to protest the murder of George Floyd.



Solidarity graffitis:

Black Lives Matter protestors in Bristol pulled down a statue of slaver Edward Colston, dragged it through the streets, and threw it into the sea


Several thousand marched in solidarity.

On June 3, Downing Street was attacked after another solidarity march.


Solidarity demonstration with 3000 participants on June 3


You can read an updated report on the new outbreak of anti-police demonstrations in France here.

On June 1, there was a small demonstration scheduled in front of the US embassy in Paris, but police prevented it from happening—demonstrations remain forbidden in France for the next several months. Another demonstration was scheduled for June 2 at 7 pm to remember a Black man who was killed four years ago in front of the Paris court of justice. His sister’s call for the demonstration was viewed over one million times on Instagram and a large number of people are marching together as we publish this. Other events were planned that day in Marseille, Nantes, Lille and Lyon.

Protests in France are using the #JusticePourAdama Hashtag.


Tear gas is used against the demonstration on June 2.


Confounding expectations, thousands of people gathered and participated in an unauthorized demonstration on June 2.


Tensions after a demo on June 5:


A demonstration is scheduled for June 3:

Our full analysis of the situation in France can be found here


A rally was announced for June 8, but it’s postponed due to the lock-down because of COVID–19.


Dutzende demonstrieren am 1. Juni


Several dozen protestors gathered in front of Tbilisi’s Rustaveli Metro Station on 4 June to express solidarity with the demonstrations in the US against white supremacy and police.


A German anonymous hacking collective attacked the homepage of the Minneapolis Police Department on May 31, temporarily taking it offline.

Four professional football players from well-known German teams expressed solidarity and now face internal repression from the football league. Some clubs also displayed anti-racist messages quoting Angela Davis.

Countrywide protests were scheduled for June 6. Over 200.000 people participated – in Hamburg and Berlin cops attacked the demonstrations and focused mainly on PoC.

Here is a review of all the local solidarity actions that have taken place already:


A solidarity demonstration on May 30 drew nearly 3000 people:

Another solidarity demonstration on May 31 drew similar numbers:

A spontaneous demo in solidarity with George Floyd and the revolt marched through the Neukölln district in Berlin on June 6. Several banks and shops were attacked during the demo. A short report.

Graffiti mural:

A banner in Berlin.


A rally on May 28:

Solidarity graffiti:

The political police opened an investigation into this graffiti, as they feel “threatened” by it.

A demonstration took place on June 2 with 2500 participants.


Several hundred on a demo on June 4:


An expression of solidarity from a freshly squatted field blockaded against natural gas extraction:


A solidarity demonstration on May 30:

Solidarity graffiti:


Solidarity demo for George Floyd and in remembrance of Oury Jalloh who have been burnt by police in Dessau 2005.


Solidarity posters:






Graffiti mural:

A Black Lives Matter demonstration is scheduled for June 6:

Almost 2000 people followed that call:

On June 3 the local police station was attacked with color:

»Cops kill - Abolish Police In the night from Wednesday to Thursday we covered the police station in Flensburg with paint. We did this out of anger about (racist) cop violence and institutional racism in the US and everywhere else. As a sign of solidarity with the insurgents in the US. In memory of George Floyd and all other people who were victims of racist cop violence. Racism kills. Everywhere.« – found at Indymedia


Spontaneous solidarity demo with several hundred participants:


A demonstration is scheduled for June 5:

Several thousand people participated:

Legendary anti-fascist soccer club St. Pauli with a strong video message of solidarity:

A banner at the squat Rote Flora:


Train graffiti:


A demonstration drew 400 participants:

There was also a demonstration in Connewitz on June 1, during which some bottles were thrown. It was a regular anti-cop demo, but the participants made references to the uprising in the US:


Graffiti mural:


A demonstration drew 400 participants:


A solidarity photo from May 30:

A banner drop from May 31:


A demonstration on May 28:

And on June 5:




There was a solidarity demonstration on May 29.


Antifa Würzburg is calling for a demo on June 5:



Solidarity graffiti:

A solidarity demonstration on May 29:

Greek police have emulated the tactic by which George Floyd was killed, placing their knees on detainees in Athens. Another demonstration has been called for June 3 and thousands followed the call:

After the demonstration cops were attacked with molotovs in front of the US embassy:

Another demo on June 5 ended in fights with the police.

“From Omonoia to Moria and Evros, I can’t breathe.” Ομόνοια is a square in the center of Athens where many migrants stay, which has the worst police station in Athens; Moria (μουριά) is on the island that has the worst detainment camp for refugees and migrants.


Several hundred on solidarity demo on June 5:


A video in solidarity with the protests and against the police:

Hong Kong

Activists collected their experience from the last couple of months fighting with the police and shared it as a sign of solidarity.


Solidarity graffiti:


Anonymous calling for world revolution:


Dublin & Blanchardstown

5000 demonstrators took the streets:


On June 2, 300 people gathered in front of the U.S. Embassy’s Tel Aviv branch to protest the murder of George Floyd.

Another demo on June 2 in Jerusalem:



A solidarity demo is scheduled for June 7.


A solidarity demonstration in Vicenza leaving some graffiti on an US military base:



May 30 demonstration against police violence:

A thread about the following protests since May 30 in Japan:

A solidarity action in Tokyo supporting the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle:


Dozens of people gathered outside the US embassy in Nairobi on June 2 to protest over the death of George Floyd.


The Kurdish Women’s Movement has released a statement condemning the murder of George Floyd, drawing a parallel with the suffering of the Kurds.


A solidarity picture and statment from Tekoşîna Anarşîst:


Liberians protested at the US Embassy near Monrovia in solidarity on May 28.


Several hundreds took the street in Vilnius on June 5.



Riots broke out after another police murder. Police everywhere, Justice nowhere.


Riots broke out after another police murder.. Police everywhere, Justice nowhere. Protests using the hashtag #JusticiaparaGiovanni

An overview about the riots and protests:

Clashes outside the US embassy:


Anti-racism protest in Podgorica:



Several hundred took the street on May 31 in a solidarity demonstration, and more returned the next day:

The Hague

There was a demonstration on June 2.


Thousands took the streets on June 3:


A solidarity demo in Lagos on June 3


There was a massive demonstration in Oslo on June 5:

The Philippines

An artwork in solidarity from Bandilang Itim



Rally on May 29:

Demo in June:


A demonstration on June 7:


A solidarity banner-drop in Belgrad:


Protests took place in Edinburgh and Glasgow



On May 29, during a weekly anarchist-organized bicycle demonstration in a series that has drawn thousands of participants since late April, the Anti-Capitalist Bloc visited the US embassy during the weekly massive anti-government protests to express rage against the violence of police. Chants included “No justice, no peace! Fuck the police!” Elsewhere in the course of the demonstration, participants dropped a massive banner reading “Capitalism kills—let’s spread the virus of revolt.”


Solidarity graffiti:



3000 took the streets on June 4:


Thousands attending a solidarity demo in Stockholm. Police were attacking participants later that night:



Over 2000 people took the streets in solidarity with George Floyd.

An anonymous love letter from Zürich:

»In solidarity with the people’s uprising in the US, tonight we set on fire some containers adjacent to the local US consulate. May the flames of classwar further spread across the world!

United against cops, racism and capitalism! Long live the struggle for people’s liberation! Long live international solidarity!«

South Korea

A rally on June 6:


Protests on June 1 in Barcelona and Madrid and upcoming protests on June 7.



Syrian artists Aziz Asmar and Anis Hamdoun painted a mural honoring George Floyd on the side of a building destroyed in the course of the Syrian civil war.


Rally on June 6 in Tunis in solidarity with the protests in the US and against police violence in Tunisia.


On June 2, there was a solidarity demonstration that clashed with the police. Several people where arrested. This is significant, because Turkey has effectively been a totalitarian police state for years now.